Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Change of Pace

Hey guys. Blog is not dead it just moved to a different platform, you can still visit ideasforlions.com to see all of the new updates, I'm basically keeping this page as an archive for all of blade stuff that has happened in the past 6 years.

So mosey on over to the new site and check out some new content and a better layout, thanks guys!

Monday, October 7, 2013

35mm Blade Photos

So recently I got a bunch of film developed and I thought a bunch of these shots came out really cool so I decided to post them on the blog, aside from a quick level bump, these pictures are straight out of the camera:

Mike Torres

Turtle Back Falls

Tim Taylor

Mike Torres

I posted a ton more on my flickr, go check them out HERE!

Hope you guys enjoy!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Quick Edit 24 IFT Returns

So recently, good friend and FL native Ian Copp, better known as ift via the interwebz, came to town to visit and get a quick blade in.

Quick Edit 24 from Ideas For Lions on Vimeo.

If you couldn't tell by the edit, we had an awesome time skating, hiking and just general chillin. I definitely appreciate the visit buddy! I would write more but I genuinely feel like the edit gets the idea across. BUDDIEZ4LYE.



Be sure to stay tuned for some future goodness.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

260: Back with that Business

I've been extremely busy traveling/filming/skating/living and have simply not had time to update, so this is going to be one giant update, get ready.

Firstly, after 700 miles, 70GB of footage, and 4 cities I am finally back from my NC tour. It was a great reminder of how to be hospitable, from wild Ashevillians floor space to the closest of homies couches, my friends really took care of me this trip and I couldn't be more grateful, thanks guys.

Here are some photos from the festivities:

First stop in Asheville to meet up with Dustin Hinson and crew:

Phil Gripper was randomly in town with his band Modern Primitives and they blew the roof of that mother fucker:

After the show I convinced the guys to head back to the very random very hospitable girls house in Asheville, whos name I simply cannot remember, and play this unplugged jam:

Then it was off to Boone for a little hiking about mountain blading:

After a few days there and a terrible day hungover on the couch, I made my way to Raleigh, had a solo camp in the woods, visited the Museum of Art and ate a bagel:

Then I arrived in Charlotte to be greeted by good homie Phil Gripper only to see his band play one more time and get a couple hammers with him:

After that, I was finally back home.

My coming home was a bit somber finding out I'd need to find a new place to live rather suddenly, but I've luckily found a spot and shouldn't be too slowed down by it, however, it might cause a bit of a lapse in updates so bare with me for the next month or so...like always.

Also, in the midst of everything, I've had quick edit 23 on deck since the Rock Thriller comp at Revert, and I finally had some time to finish it. We found a couple more different ways to use the pole jam at our local foundation spot, check it out:

As some of you may have already seen, Arsenio Patterson made an edit to drop with local skate company OSO's website/sale launch.

If you haven't been to the OSO website yet, you should jet over and check it out. Phil Gripper and Brett Coppedge have dedicated a lot of time and energy to get this thing off the ground and, so far, its been a really impressive, very genuine, grass roots boot company made by some dudes that just genuinely love to blade.

A lot of rollerbalders, myself included, will bitch and moan about the 'current state of the industry' online and to each other but when the clock pulls a 360, very few of us have actually done anything positive for our 'beloved industry' we so callously critique, for that reason, I have nothing but love and respect for Phil and Brett and I'm really pulling for OSO in the long run. Admittedly, they (Phil and Brett) and the riders have been good homies of mine for a while, so I am definitely biased in my support but regardless of our affiliation, you have respect the shear amount of courage and dedication it took to dive in head first and create a boot company from nothing, good show guys and I hope wish you all the success.

All that and Arsenio definitely makes them thangs look good. /soapbox

Arsenio Patterson - OSO Boots - 2013 from Ideas For Lions on Vimeo.

And I think that about finishes up everything I have for the blog right now.

As far as filming for the video, I'm pretty much done with the exception of people's sections which, believe it or not, is actually the bulk of the video. A couple more trips to Charlotte and a few more local clips with the homies and we'll be in good shape.

Anywho, be sure to make it to the A-town Stomp this weekend, the Starnes' always do it right, and I hear rumors that the Brian Starnes will be in attendance, which I'm super juiced about and if you aren't, then you damn sure should be.

And stay tuned, I'm due to film another quick edit and I'm thinking it shouldn't take me a month this time to edit it!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Quick Pic Update w/Arsenio Patterson

Arsenio clipped up this weekend:

Arsenio Patterson

Also, quick edit 23 is on the way!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Quick Edit 22

I've been a big fan of Philip Moore as a human and a blader for a few years now, so I'm pretty excited to show you guys this little edit we put together. Philip showed up to Rock Hill's very first Rock Thriller Comp last weekend and threw the fuck down and at the end of the day, it wound up paying off. Philip walked away with a much deserved win, $300 extra dollars and and this little 5 trick edit.

While I was there, Philip was mentioning how he was having trouble getting media on the interwebs due to lack of people to film him, this saddens me. So Alabama, come on, pick up a camera and film this guy I think I can speak for a larger portion of the rollerblading community when I say MoreMoore2013, enjoy! (also you're welcome for the campaign slogan haha)

Some other stuff to expect in the next few days or so:

Friday, June 28, 2013

Quick Edit 21

So its been a while since I've had anything to update with, but after much filming and a lot of time, we've finally filmed a new quick edit.

This time around I decided since we've surpassed 20 quick edits that I would change things up and spruce up the look. I really just wanted to bring a little more cohesiveness to the overall look of the all the graphics used in the blog and this is just another step in that direction.

Quick Edit 21 from Ideas For Lions on Vimeo.

Also, this weekend is Casey Wilson's Rock Thriller at Revert in Rock Hill, SC, check out the Facebook page for details and I hope to see you there!