Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Video Announcement

Before I get to the news, I have a couple radical photos to share.

I got to skate with Arsenio last weekend and man did he lace, I think I logged about 30 clips. He is definitely one of the easiest people to shoot with, he has an entire arsenal of tricks at his disposal and can unleash them on request...its quite a thing to see.

Arsenio Patterson

Arsenio Patterson

I also got to skate with homie Nick Bates that has also been very on point lately, Nick and I have been collecting a lot of footage and it's all very exciting. This isn't my favorite photo I've ever shot but the spot was weird with the bush and it was a cool trick:

Nick Bates

As of May 20, 2011 I started filming for my 3rd video installment. Up until now, a lot of friends I wanted involved in the project have been hurt and I've just been waiting on their recovery to begin another video, that and after SOMO I deinfinitely needed a break. And a lot of details are up in the air about it but its definitely started and I'm pretty excited about it.

Filming for SOMO was some of the best times in my life, and while I know that I can't recreate any of that, I have pretty high expectations for this video as well. I definitely plan on spending a lot of time out of town and in new places I haven't been so I can meet and film a lot of new interesting people. So fill up your gas tanks and grab das beers, because travelin' time is now. I'll see you guys soon.


KevinDowling said...

I want to be in your video you fucking vagina.

ddodge04 said...

Kevin, you are the video.

hapi said...

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