Sunday, May 8, 2011

Long time no posts...

I have been so incredibly busy but on a good note, my studio/office is up and running (aside from new furniture hahaha) so updates should get back to regular here soon. check it out:

Now having that said, the past couple weekends have involved a lot of rollerblading as well, between the attending the Pow Wow, Mr. Dustin Hinson visiting, Mike Torres (Roc City) visiting, helping friends get footage and getting back into the swing of getting clips and filming regularly myself, I've got a couple cool things to show you guys. Firstly, here are a bunch of random pictures from all of that:

These past couple weeks have been absolutely outrageous. I honestly don't think I can begin to tell all the stories I have to tell in one post, and honestly I'm extremely tired. But I can say that I've been having a blast, and there has been a lot of crazy blading going on this entire time. As to not bore you, here are a couple pics.

The weekend I started moving into my new apartment, The Trevors and myself made a quick ninja spot check whilst filming for the project we've been working on together. Jeremy kind of surprised me with this rather dangerous trick, not my best photo but I think you can gauge the difficulty of this trick thru the photo:

Jeremy Lister

A couple weeks later, Garrett and I rolled out to the Pow Wow with long time homie Mike Torres, and had an absolute blast, it was one of the best blade trips i've ever been on...aside from the terrible redneck suburn that is. hahaha, getting to skate Kona was kind of surreal, I'd always heard about it and seen it in videos but until I got there, I didn't realize how awesome it all really was, just to be skating that park.

Pow Wow Bound

Mike and Garrett

Michael Braud

One night, randomly, I had a really sick session with Arsenio Patterson and the dude is on his game more than ever, he asked me to help him film for his friend's video, and we got a lot of that done but we did manage this pretty clean picture:

Arsenio Patterson

The next day, Nick and I got this pretty decent shot of him doing a trick he never does, Nick has definitely been on a mission lately so definitely stay tuned for more from this guy:

Nick Bates

That's about it for an update. Unfortunately the edit I hoped to have done is coming along a little slower than planned but I'm still kicking some ideas around so there should be some new video popping up on the blog soon.

Once again, for the first time in a long time, I have way more projects on my plate than I have time to finish. I do have a list though, and I'm getting myself in place to check it all off very soon hopefully.

Also, if you ever visit Florida and stop at the visitors/welcome center, check out this rest stop it has an awesome line of icy ledges to skate.

See you next weekend.

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