Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some Skatepark Goodness

Wow it's been what? Like better than a month since I've updated?...I'm slacking pretty hard. But in my defense my life has been absolutely wild. In the midst of needing a new place to live, taking on what has basically become a 2nd job, battling a cold and skating, I've had no time for the internet, its a damn shame.

So anywho, a couple weeks back, myself Tim Taylor and one Mr. Lane Shilling took a trip to Firelake skatepark in Anderson, SC. And as always, it was very awesome and a lot of really awesome rollerblading tricks happened.

I'm sure I've said it a million times but I love Lane's skating. His skating is much like his personality, laid back, chilled out, and steezed the 99th power. Lane rolls around the park with an earned degree of swagger and a seasoned calm that he reminds me all to much of Tim Taylor...and there's nothing wrong with that.

Here's Lane with some crazy bio 540 Madness:

Lane Shilling

And here's Tim with a couple Tricks:

Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor

The next couple of weekends or so I think I spent either working or just hanging out with friends and not doing much of anything else. However, this past weekend, was a different story, I did a lot of working but also managed to squeeze in a photo session with the greer homies and Asheville homie Nick P and got these pretty sweet pics:

Here's Oli with a Phillips 66 or whatever they're called:

Justin Oliver

My favorite long legged Lister nabs some hang time...straight outta brink son:

Jeremy Lister

Also, Adam is finally healing up and managed to get in on some 50mm goodness with this 360:

Adam Mcmanus

That was definitely kind of a weak update but do not fear, I have some cool stuff in the works, I owe Thomas Martin another edit which should get underway sooner rather than later and also I haven't forgot about the Slobgnar Extravaganza I've been promising, its on its way, and its awesome.

I just need to get my feet planted in a new place and actually have somewhere to setup my computer to I can do some much needed importing.

Also, Greenville Mega Session/Kegger in August anyone? Details to come.

Until next time though, have a nice weekend internets and come blade!

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