Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mcmanus Extremity Relief Session & Boone Savagery

Well, get in store because this is about to be one massive post about the rollerblading I was apart of for the past few weeks.

As some of you may know, we held a Fund raiser to help Adam Mcmanus get some money so he could go see a doctor about his broken extremities. Garrett Slobey planned the whole weekend out, we had blading, live music, good people and brews.

On Saturday, around noonish, people started trickling in from out of town until pretty soon we we had a massive session going on.

Between Garrett, Kenny and myself, we managed to get 3 tapes full of radical footage that I made into this little edit:

Later that night, Garrett had arranged for ATL DJ mogul Ryan Purcell (better known as Oh Snap Kid!), and Phillip Gripper's band 'Modern Primitives' to play at a local bar here in town. The good times continued and everyone got pretty rowdy, it was a great night and ended early in the morning. Sunday, at which point we all parted ways and went back to our lives.

The following weekend, in need of some mountain weather and a break from a lot of personal things going on in my life, Garrett and myself decided to make a last minute trip to Boone to kick it with the Boonenites...this would prove to be a very wise decision.

Upon arrival, we sat around and talked, shot people with Garrett's new automatic Airsoft gun and as per usual Thoams and Cooley loaded me up with amazing footage, which I love. After some talking and some hanging out, we then headed out to the Boone Saloon. After an early night of drinking, we all got up and got the skating started.

The one thing that I love about Boone is that every time I go there I can't put the camera down, if Thomas isn't rolling some crazy rickety wooden obstacle, Cooley is throwing himself down some impossible drop rail...all the while collecting amazing footage of really radical dudes. This trip was no exception.

At the fist spot, for the first trick of the day, Garrett laced this Disaster Topsoul 2nd try:

Garrett Slobey

From then on out it just kind of got ridiculous. It was a disaster battle each trick going bigger and crazier. So Rory Marrett and I kicked it on the sidelines with cameras while Jon, Thomas and Garrett handled business all day it was quite the thing to see. Here are a couple shots from the first spot:

Thomas Martin

Jon Cooley

Also, somewhere in between all of this, Thomas laced this pretty wild disaster soul:

Thomas Martin

The last spot was a trick Thomas had been talking about since we had arrived, and admittedly it was such a crazy idea that I really didn't think it was possible. But as usual, Thomas proved me wrong and laced this crazy Top Porn to Roll on this monstrosity of an obstacle:

Thomas Martin

After a long day of skating, we all headed back to the house to freshen up review footage and get our rations for the evening ahead of us.

It took about 30 mins to get lost in the mountains and wind up at this amazing mountain home that Anna's parent's had owned. It was a gigantic Cabin with 3-4 different levels 3 balconies, hot tub, encases in a forest, the works, I mean this place was awesome. To make the situation even better, the weekend before, Thomas had acquired swan meat via a hunting trip with his dad and Garrett had brought up lamb for us to eat as well. So with Thomas, Garrett and Anna handled business at the grill/kitchen we ate, we laughed, we drank and I passed out at 11 oclock haha:



Jon Cooley

Garrett Slobey

Rory Marrett

Mountain Dudes

David Dodge

After an awesome night, we all arose refreshed and ready to skate again before our long drive back home.

This day would prove to be just as awesome as the one before only involving a couple more naps than the last time.

Thomas Martin

The last spot of the trip was definitely where the footage/pics were had though. It was this cool little drop rail that we must have driven by every time we went up to Boone, but I saw it and new I had to take a couple pictures on it, check it out:


Jon Cooley

Jon Cooley

Rory Marrett

After this, we skated a handy cap rail and everyone got a couple clips, ate at the Coyote Kitchen and made our way back to Greenville, it was such a great weekend.

And lastly, Tim and I found/skated this awesome new icy ledge:

Tim Taylor

This particular weekend I move into my new place, so I'll be staying pretty busy for the next few days but don't worry because I have a lot of new footage of Thomas and Cooley and I'm damn near done filming with Garrett for his new edit, so stay tuned, goodness to come.


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