Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Fire Lake Update + News

For the past 2 weeks or so I've been pulling in at least 75 hrs in hopes of landing a new job. Thus, I've been extremely busy, but in life, there is always time to rollerblade and hang out with the just stay really tired hahaha

We managed a pretty good sized session this weekend and managed to snap these couple of photos and those in attendance. Unfortunately, a larger half of the group arrived as we were all leaving...we have got to get our watches synchronized.

Firstly here are some pretty good profile pics of homies...except Nick Pecararo because he refuses to be on camera:

And here are two sweet blading flicks, this clip of Oli came out really good:
Justin Oliver

Tim Laced this very cool AO Top Acid Cab Out:
Tim Taylor

Good weekend, hopefully next weekend we can get back to the street business...i miss me some handrails.

For anyone who is interested, I've done a lot of designing these past two weeks, here are a couple:

Moar Tests N' Whatever



Those are just a few, nothing to crazy, but its definitely been keeping me busy. You can always check out my flickr if you're interested in seeing what else I've been up to.

Lastly, a few months ago, Jeremy Lister and Justin Oliver (aka the Trevors) came to me with an idea for a project involving the two of them rollerblading, and a camera, naturally I was interested.

For the past while we've been threatening to join forces and make something awesome but time and schedules have just kept us from getting together and starting this thing...until now anyways.

I don't want to divulge too much information on this project just yet because there are still alot of kinks to iron out, but this project is slowly turning into something I've been wanting to do for a long time morphed with a double-headed tiger-blooded giraffee that is otherwise referred to as 'The Trevors.'

So stay tuned for that and be sure to keep up with Oli and Jeremy as they blade their way thru the world.

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