Friday, March 25, 2011

Rad Dudes & Good News

Before I get into this new post, here are a couple pictures from the last couple weekends.

Tucker laced this pretty clean Fishbrain:
Tucker Freeland

And David Mefford did this gap that I've been wanting to do since I've seen this spot...he's too good...I think I may need to Joey to break this kid's leg or something:
David Mefford

Firstly, chances are that Nick Bates is better than you at rollerblading, and kung fu, and thinking...and probably eating cheeseburgers.

Nick Bates

Also, studies indicate that Nick may possibly be the best underrated skater of my generation. Of all the under appreciated dudes in the game, Nick Bates is by far the most shat on. Since I've met Nick, about 5 years ago he's been on top of his game and so far beyond everyone else's that its almost comical.

There will be times when Nick and I are skating and he lands some ridiculous trick and comes off the obstacle looks at me and we both just start laughing in amazement that he actually landed this trick...what this kid is capable of is amazing and I've been dying to show the world.

I could go on forever about what a cool kid Nick is but I'm sure I've said it a million times already so I'm just going to show you some cool pictures we snapped this weekend.

Nick laced this Tru Mistrial on request, 3rd try, at this icy new ledge:
Nick Bates

And this TTS was quite picture perfect:
Nick Bates

And lastly this BS Royale to Gap that is much larger than pictured here:
Nick Bates

If stars ever align and Nick and I get our schedules in sync, prepare to have your face burned completely off.

Kenny Owens is a man that needs no introduction, if you don't know who Kenny is by now, you haven't been paying attention and you get detention. As a matter of fact, I feel like a grom just introducing this guy on my blog. I have been an avid follower of all things KO since Say Word Bob (microsoft jokes anybody?) and hung on every edit he's posted online.

Kenny Owens

Kenny has been around the video game for some years now, and up until now was mostly known for that skill. Recently, however, he broke into the photography game and hasn't blinked an eye.

Now I've seen Kenny's work online and was really into it but it wasn't until I, along with a Mcmanus and Tucker, took a trip to Charlotte to see his Photo Gallery that I actually understood what he was up to. Talking about it won't really do it justice you just had to see his massive wall of awesome prints to grasp it.

Here are a couple photos from the KO photo gallery trip:

Be sure to be on the lookout for more KO work because I'm sure he's not even close to being done.

And lastly, Garrett Slobey. Garrett is a man of many hats and one of those hats is made out of least you would think so because of his absolute disregard for body, life and well being on the rollerblades. Garrett's another guy that doesn't really need any introduction, and if you've ever seen him skate, you know why.

I was originally planning on realeasing them with an edit, but its just taking me forever to get somewhere where I can set my machine up, so for now, here is both a glimpse of what is to come and proof that Garrett Slobey does not slow down.

Garrett Slobey

Garrett Slobey

Garrett Slobey

That Garrett edit will be out soon I swear.

And on a personal note, after 4 years at FOX as a Graphic Artist, I handed in my 2 weeks resignation and I'm headed to work at a local ad agency here called Erwin Penland. Its pretty exciting to be moving up in the motion graphics world and I'm really looking forward to working normal hours for the first time in my life...ever. hahaha

Also I have a new apartment shortly after in the mix so things are going to be staying pretty busy around here. Updates might be a little scarce until I get in my new place and start working just one job, but I'm sure I'll manage to shoot a picture here and there so stay tuned!



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