Monday, September 6, 2010

A day with Garrett Slobey

So I recently moved into a really sick new pad near downtown Greenville and who lives two doors down from me but the one, the only, Slobey-won-Kenobi.

For those of you who don't know who Garrett is...well, you probably haven't seen a Rejects video ever. Garrett hails from that gnarly crew of dudes that used to skate drop rails throw knives at peoples faces. With my new domicile being so close to Garrett means only good things for 2 reasons, 1. Garrett is always cooking some kind of delicious food at his house/drinking good beer that he loves to share and 2. Garrett is down with blading all day and anywhere.

So, Garrett calls me at noon and says he wants to skate which was all the motivation I needed. So we go grab a bite, warm up and then get to business. Here are a couple pics from the day:

Garrett SlobeyGarrett Slobey

Garrett Slobey
Garret Slobey

After a good session, we headed back to our homes, cleaned up and then went back over to Garrett's house for amazing food and night of glass smashing good times.

Also, here's a really cool picture of Riley Hilsman:
Riley Hilsman

That's about all I have for an update now, but I'll continue uploading Southern Motion in the other post and now that I'm moved, I'll be a little more diligent about updating the blog...word!

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