Saturday, September 18, 2010

Old Dogs New Tricks

Had a super good session this weekend with a bunch of homies. We found this really awesome new rail spot and took Tim there to get a couple clips and a nice flick, its not the best shot I've ever taken but the trick was perfect:

Tim Taylor

After we finished up there, we headed over to this spot where we been frequenting a lot lately
and right after Nick laced a couple clips, we got a pick of this sweet topsoul he did on the higher part of the ledges:

Nick Bates
And its always nice to cool off after a nice blade session:

Nick Bates

Tim Taylor
And that pretty much wrapped up the blading for this weekend.

I've been really busy working on a lot of blade content, having a camera again is pretty awesome, we've been able to have a couple really productive past couple weeks.

On Monday, I'm uploading a new Mcmanus short, and I'm pretty juiced about it. Its half street and half park and all raw. My dood has definitely been stepping up the game and I'm juiced to see what we're going to be able to put together this year.

I designed this poster from a shot I found on the Smithsonians Flickr a little while back and I'm pretty juiced about it, now I just have to find the money to print it haha. I designed it at 39x60, but that's going to cost like $110 just to get it printed, so I'm probably going to wind up with something half that size...I think it'll look good in my new apartment.

Big Ideas

Also, with the new camera, I've decided to hold off filming for a new video for now and releasing a lot of online content and just giving footage away as its needed. Hopefully I can get a couple names out there that need to be out there and get people excited about what's going on around here because the scene is definitely picking up and its pretty awesome.

Anywho, the homies are in town next weekend, so blade times as always. See you there!

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