Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Blade Jams

Soooo what up internets? We had a chill weekend with all the homies and got a couple good flicks of Mcmanus:

Adam Mcmanus

Adam Mcmanus

Nick also laced this TTS about a million times and I just could not get it right, but here it is anyways, sorry Mr. Donovan:
Nick Bates

Oh and I'm getting married to this beautiful woman right here:

Lauren Hightower
Shreds on the reg and is the purdiest thing this side of the Mississippi!

After our inability to choose a spot this weekend, I've come to realize that we are going to have to migrate a little more so we can skate some new things, so if you have any ideas, definitely leave some comments or email me.

Anywho, more shredderblading to come, still working on the online video...sorry.

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