Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nick Bates Lovefest '10

Well I only managed to shoot like one pic this weekend and it was of good friend Nick Bates.

As a preface, Nick has been skating better than everyone here since I've known him. Nick has got the most unusual/unique style that you'll immediately fall in love with. He can do any number of strange body contorting spins, and lace switch ups so smooth and so clean you'll wonder why you haven't seen him in the latest Xsjado Advert, the dude is just damn good. One of the coolest parts about his skating, is that Nick is a thinker and can break down his movements into straight up science. But beyond Nick and his uncanny blade ability, he is literally one of the nicest/funniest dudes you will ever meet and has been a good friend for a really long time. If you've met Nick you're probably his friend already and if you haven't met him, you're probably his friend and just don't know it yet, he's just one of those awesome people and I love getting to shred with this dude.

Nick has popped up in the blog a couple times and you may remember Nick from these pics below:
Nicky B

Nick Bates

Hopefully, now that our schedules coincide a litter better, Nick being on here will be a normal thing.

Every since I saw this spot I always wanted to shoot a pic of someone doing this, so without hesitation Nick steps up and not only does this once, but 2, 3, 4 times until we got it right, the dude is just awesome, and the bank to this thing is horrible:

Nick Bates

There isn't near enough video of Nick out there but that's something I'm really hoping to change this year. And with the right gusto and finances, its going to happen.
But until my sudden million dollar inheritance, come blade, we'll be shreddin' this weekend.

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