Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Twin Towers Final Session

Much like the Lot in Anderson, and Union Street in Spartanburg, the man has taken away yet another awesome makeshift skatespot to try and make a buck. Well I suppose I should hold my tongue because I admittedly don't know what their plans are with this place.

What I do know is how much this sucks. I've really enjoyed that place, and its hassle free environment, there are so very few places you have that in Greenville already so this place going cuts down the options even more.

I've heard there is talk of fencing off the area due to 'liability issues' until they can create a "safer" /aesthetically pleasing skatepark, to the general masses anyway, in a very small corner of the new recreational park they are also planning on constructing over the old Poe Mill that now serves home to the skateboarders/rollerbladers/bikers that can't afford to pay 10 dollars everyday to skate. Those are the rumors anyway and I don't really know all the facts, so take it for what it is.

Regardless, we took advantage of the last day as did many others and shot a couple photos just in case this place goes away so check em out:

Oli Laced this clean 180
Justin Oliver

Jeremy did a really sweet Vertical Makio
Jeremy Lister

That about sums it up. I'm probably going to go by tonight and see if the fence has been constructed as rumored, and then count the hours until the fence is torn down by those who put so much hard work into making that place as sick as it was.

But hey maybe it'll be a good thing...I'm skeptic, but we'll see.

At any rate, I guess its time to find new spots to blade, so hit me up this weekend!


garrett said...

did you guys like the rainbow rail I built there? I only got to skate it once.

ddodge04 said...

yesssss dude! that thing was so sick. Its a shame that thing is gone now :(