Friday, November 6, 2009

The Rain Maker and the Diddle Jaunce

Work has been crazy, and I only got to skate once last week :( but I did finish up the some more motion titles for this Solo Collective project. Steven Swain will be the next installment and it's dropping in the middle of week sometime I believe. So be ready for that.

I've been doing some editing on the Online Video part 2 in my spare time, which has been scarce as of late. And I'm really stoked to get the 2nd part finished, its going to have a bunch of profiles, and hopefully some fun animated jams, so stay tuned for all that jazz.

Oh also, I recently picked up a subscription to ONE Magazine, and its only like $15-$16 for like 6 issues or some shit like that, which is not bad...that's like the equivalent to two happy meals...or so I'm told...Basically put down the cheeseburger fatty, and pick up a subscription to some sick blade media, it's definitely worth it. And if nothing else, head over to ONE to check out they're ever so funny Webroll, it definitely provides the lulz.

I'm hoping to snap a couple flicks this weekend so I can bring you doods some visuals for the upcoming week, but until then, check out this short educational video about curse words and they're effects on youth:

Tryin' to blade wif me man?

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