Wednesday, November 11, 2009

He Doesn't Land It

I've sort of been in the process of moving...again...and because of that, I haven't really had alot of spare time, but the time I have had, I've been busy working away on my Everything Project and the 2nd Part to the online video.

Thus far in the Online Jam Pt. 2, I have three sections done and I'm really excited about how its turning out, so far, the video includes names like Dustin Hinson, Jeremy Lister, Adam Mcmanus, and Tim Taylor. Once this bad boy is wrapped up I definitely think there will be some fire for your domes, so just bare with me.

As far as awesome things on the internets go, I'm sure you've seen it by now but Chris Haffey's Drip Drop section is up and I'm only hoping its legitimately posted by the makers and not some wack pirated shit:

Other than that I'm busy working and moving so updates may be a bit scarce.

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