Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween Dudes

So, David Sizemore's Solo Collective Edit dropped today, and is quite sick. I helped with the motion titles in the beginning:

David Sizemore Solo Collective from Solo Collective on Vimeo.

I've really become a fan of David's skating and can't wait to see more from this dude in the future.

Also, my favorite ILLustrator, Chris Piascik (whom runs a really awesome clothing company called Print Brigade) and Will Bryant have released this awesome Magazine of Illustrations called the Hallowzine! and it looks really awesome and only cost $8 so head over to Chris' website and check it out, and if you can spare the cash, pick a copy up and support a talented dude.

Hallowzine screen-printed cover

I think that's all the shit I have to share with you today internets. Southern Motion is still for sale, so if you haven't got a copy, definitely do so, because for every copy I sell, one of those dollars goes into an account that buys a poor guy food, just keep that in mind.

Blade dance this coming weekend!


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