Monday, June 15, 2009

BladeBros Update

Well with Southern Motion coming to a close, so I've been doing alot more skating lately and it feels great. This past Sunday, myself, Jeremy Lister, Joey Adams, Joe Matty, and Johnny Ray went on a really fun blade session were we hit up alot of really good spots.

Joey pretty much killed it all day, as usual, and it allowed for some really good photo-ops.

Joey Adams

(I have another Joey Adams pic I'll post tomorrow)

And good bud Jeremy Lister is always out blading with us as well:
Jeremy Lister

And I also got some exclusive flicks of this guy:
Johnny Ray

Getting to skate with Johnny is always really exciting, he has a fresh and unique outlook on blading and has flow like you wouldn't believe.

After the session, Johnny and I did some conversing on some upcoming projects he and I could collaborate on after SOMO and alot of the ideas we shared were really exciting. With that said, you readers will see alot more of Johnny Ray popping up and possibly some edits of him as well. But for now, check out these flicks of him:

Johnny Ray

Johnny Ray - Bank to Bank

But that's all for now, I'm busy working on Southern Motion and trying to figure out the whole duplication and distribution deal, which I'll be sure to keep you dudes updated.

Oh and here's another Motion Board I posted on my Flickr a few days ago:
Home Grown Motion Board

More Blade Festivities this weekend. Holler.

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