Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Post 85 - Godspeed Little Guy

Well, I've been working on getting help with my video being distributed and today I sent a little package to get the hopeful candidates excited about what I'm doing. I really want people to understand that I'm serious about getting this video out there, so I put together a couple of Preview DVD's and a small packet of things to expect in Southern Motion (DVD Booklet, Motion Boards, Section Line Up, etc.)

Here are a couple pics of everything I sent today:

And the insides:

So Godspeed Little Guy and impress somebody! hahaha

I'm linking up with Adam Mcmanus tonight and trying to get together the footage we're going to give to Rolling Revival, so that should prove to be pretty fun.

Also, over the past like 3-5 months I've been shooting sparatic 35mm B&W shots so I'm pretty stoked to see what's on these three guys.
I won't be able to get them developed for another two weeks (payday) but after finishing the 3rd roll I'm pretty stoked about some of the shots and am interested to see some of the portraits I've shot over the past while.

But, that's all for now. Stay tuned for more later!

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