Thursday, June 11, 2009

SOMO Motion Boards 1

Hello there interwebs. Lately I've been establishing a style frame and sort of giving myself a look for the Motion GFX that are going to be in this video. I always forget how useful concepting motion boards is, but here lately I've really been utilizing the handy nature of what is basically rough drafting.
Montre Motion Board_1
The animation begins, freezing a frame of video and rolling in some concrete. (the concrete added in just for Tom Hyser! haha) and pulling back to reveal the world of clouds held up by strings with floating televisions everywhere.

The color swooshes will lead your attention into the next location where there are sure to be other clouds with random objects floating about...sounds wierd but you'll see.

Montre Motion Board_2
This is where the animation will ultimately wind up. It involves alot of the TV's on clouds and color swooshes that I've really been into lately. I dont' think I'll wind up using that font (some Avant Gard spin off) its just a little too weak.

The inspiration from these boards were drawn from two keys places, Chris Bjerre's work in WAV3 and my favorite Graphic Designer ISO50's "Dual" prints.

Anywho that's really all for now, I've been ridiculously busy but I'll update more as I get it together!

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