Sunday, May 3, 2009

Represented Aftermath.


Wow, where to begin. This was such a crazy event filled with tons of amazing people, wonderful sounds and new sights.

After a 5 hour drive I arrived a small hole in the wall place for this Represented festival, not knowing what to expect or who to speak with, I approached a couple people to try and find out what the deal was with this place and who was running it. To my, and others, surprise, this event was ran by the individuals themselves. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical but proceeded anyways.

So after making contact with a couple people there I headed out to wait for this thing to kick off and get a beer.

A few hours pass and its almost 6, so I decided to head back and see if anyone else had arrived, and much to my pleasure a few people had, in particular, Arielle and Christine who were kind enough to supply me with alcohol and good conversation while waiting for everyone else to get there.

Shortly thereafter, my friend Lucien arrived and we discussed a game plan for interviewing people for this documentary. After a rough outline of our plan we get into action and the fun begins.

From DJ's to artists, to just people making noise, there was something there for everyone and it seemed like everyone had something to say and that was amazing. In reference to the event, we got a lot of really positive feedback and appreciation from everyone we talked to and had some amazing conversations with very intelligent/funny/interesting individuals.

Being from Greenvile, I had no idea the lack of culture Myrtle Beach had. From every single person we talked, the one repeated thing we kept hearing, besides the request for the mysterious identity of the represented host, was how the Myrtle Beach area had nothing like this for artists alike to really get there media out there, whatever type of outlet it may be.

So I guess, to spare the nit picky details, it really was an amazing unpredictable event that brought out alot of talent that was I felt was represented and showcased very well. I hope to see more of there in the future.

Also, I shot about 3 tapes of footage, along with some pictures down at the bottom, and in the next week or so I'm going to go through the tedious task of importing and editing some of it for a sort of Trailer for the finished product. I'm hoping to have the trailer out in the next 2 weeks, but due to my currently hectic schedule, that is always subject to be pushed back.

So for the next month I'll be putting all of my efforts into completing Southern Motion which, for those of you who don't know, I've been working on for the past year.

So stay tuned, because you never know what may pop up.

Represented Pics


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