Thursday, April 30, 2009

I have alot of Rollerblading Footage on my Computer Now

All I have left to import is Smiley's brole footage for his section then all engines will be go.

I probably won't do that until I finish the extended trailer or the Pow Wow premiere though. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding, I won't be able to make it to the Pan Handle for the bash but the extended trailer premiere will still be happening as planned. Thank you Blake for that.

I've also had time to create this flyer for the upcoming event Represented happening in Myrtle Beach the coming Friday on the 1st.


I found that when I'm really into the idea of whatever it is I'm filming or desining for, its alot easier to create things. I guess I just feel more in my element when I truly believe in what I'm creating. Unity is a strong theme that I've always been a strong supporter of, so making this was less of a chore and more exciting.

So I'm going down to Myrtle Beach tomorrow and filming this event. It'll be a fun project and I'm excited to do it. I just have to be able to budget time between Southern Motion and it to get them both out relatively soon.

Good times.

Don't know if I'll be skating this weekend but I really hope to get a session in somewhere.

Until next time.

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