Friday, May 15, 2009

Logo Mojo

Alright! So last night I finished up my company Logo in Illustrator and it made me realize how badly I need to learn that program better...but regardless check out what I got!

Difference Productions

I put it on a couple different backgrounds and switched out some colors to give it more versatility. I'm pretty stoked with the way it came out and I'm looking forward to using it in my upcoming projects.

Oh and check out this awesome picture of Adam Mcmanus:
All American Blade Dude
I found that funny.

Anywho, its the weekend, and tomorrow I'm planning on working on the trailer a good bit so stayed tuned, I'm really hoping to have this thing done by next week. Almost all the video is edited and all I have left is the animated tidbits.

Also, Mike Torres from is touring through the Carolina's, with his entourage, for their coast to coast road trip. If you haven't read up on the story yet, do so at And come out to blade! They'll be in Charlotte this Saturday and Greenville on Sunday so it should make for a good weekend.


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