Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grinding on the Grinder

So. As you probably already know, my dude Tim Taylor, got 3rd at the Pow Wow, I was pretty juiced to here that, so good job Mr. Taylor.

Over the weekend/past few days, I've been working on the 2nd Southern Motion Trailer and I think its coming along pretty nicely. The lineup has changed a bit since the first trailer, I'm not getting a profile and I've added Phil Gripper to the line up, all in all it's making for quite the video.

I realize that I really should be working on the sections and editing them, but I'm really stoked to put something closer to the final product out, plus this is really going to help me tie together the graphics I plan on having in the video. I'm starting to get a million ideas of what I want to do all over again and I've been trying to keep track of them in my little sketch pad I carry around.
Check out my sweet Art Skills:

Also, for the past few months, for some reason, I've been really concerned that I don't have a logo for my production company (Difference Production) so I've been working on this guy trying to get it just right, and I think I'm finally at the point that I'm ready to make a vector file ready for print/high res animation capabilities.

After I'm done with it in Illustrator, I'm going to work on a couple of different color schemes for it to be used in different occasions, other than just on black.

Other than that, I'm just staying busy.

Blade Fest 08 on Sunday.



SMB tech geeks said...
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SMB tech geeks said...

Smooth logo, but a bolder colour maybe? Don't forget, some people still use ye olde-fashioned paper to communicate & it may not come across at strongly as you'd like...

ddodge04 said...

Awesome! Thanks for the sound advice, I always love a little feedback!