Thursday, May 7, 2009

Goodies for Good Dudes

Free shit.

Read on.

SOMO extended Trailer, 10 copies. Somebody from the Greenville Crew will have them, so find them if you want one.

The DVD has the following sections on it:

SOMO Extended Trailer
SOMO Trailer 1
Adam Mcmanus Chimera Edit 1-2
Adam Mcmanus Valo EB 1.3 Edit
Tim Taylor Denial Park edit...I think.
Inman Final Session Edit
End of Biters Edit

And another one I think....There are also like 4-5 copies of handmade that will be given out as well so keep on the lookout for Adam and he should be able to direct you to them.

It's not the final product in anyway shape or form, its basically some of the highlights in Southern Motion just to kind of remind people the video is still coming out, so nothing fancy, just dope skating.

I'm taking the weekend off because I've been busting my ass for the past two getting shit done. But the hustle will continue this Tuesday. I'm hoping to get some chill skating in this weekend despite everyone attending the Pow Wow, which will be awesome.

But that's all for now, have fun if you're going, come skate if your not. holler.

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