Thursday, April 23, 2009

Goodness there Gracious

So, I'm picking up my computer today with a ton of new components so it will be working, bought a new motherboard, new processor and apparently what I had was dated and isn't even made anymore so I dropped another $250 on the new joint and I'm back in the business.

The Mega f'ing Session is going to be huge this weekend, we have so many heads showing up and if you're not going to be there you're missing out big time, its going to be soo much fun.

Directions and everything are a couple posts down and you can always email me if you have questions of any sort.

So I have a bunch of random pictures to post from a couple weeks of skating, so here you go!

The Boone Times:
Ancient Appalachian Architecture

Football Blader

Thomas Martin - Sweatstance

Oh Boone.

Juiced on Blade Brews

Also, buried in the woods of a small town in South Carolina is an awesome little skatepark. Firelake Skatepark is extremely out of the way and impossible to find without a sherpa of some kind, you actually have to drive down a small windy dirt road to get to the park. It's definitely worth the drive though if you looking for something fun to skate, check out there site HERE. I didn't think to take any pictures at the park but here is a pic of they're awesome sign:
Southern Goodness

Eh Tu Bruty?

Also, this is out of focus but the clip was pretty dope so I'm posting it anyways:
Adam Mcmanus - Top Acid

So that's about it this go around. Expect some hot fire to come next week, this Mega session is very promising and will be a blast so make sure you show up.

Also, the plan for SOMO is this.

Extended trailer/teaser release showing at the Pow Wow before Tough Stuff, and the DVD will actually be done later on in the Month of May.

So get stoked, the ball is rolling again...for reals hahaha.

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