Monday, April 6, 2009

60th Post! Updates and Shish.

Alright. I've been wrapping up this DVD booklet while I'm waiting on my computer to get back, and I'm hoping by the time it's all fixed, I won't have to worry about any of the print material needed.

I'm getting a test run of the DVD Booklet printed today to see how all of the colors are going to come out so that's pretty exciting. I'll take some pictures and post them tomorrow...maybe. haha

I had a good weekend though, the Charlotte crew came up and skated a couple of awesome spots with us, and I got some much needed footage of Phil Gripper and Adam Mcmanus which was awesome.

And on a side note, I randomly ran into Josh Amacher riding his bike downtown this past weekend. We had a short conversation about Tim Taylor/Mckinney and all the crew he used to skate with and he was telling me how Garrett Slobey (sp?) was trying to start skating again and apparently lives here in Greenville, which is cool because I grew up watching all of those dudes skate. That marks the second time I've ran into him on a random occasion, cool, but very random.

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Anonymous said...

I'm here, I skated for a few months at the end of last year with Tim Taylor. Then I broke my collar bone dirt biking. I have healed and want to skate again. Everytime I try and call anyone other than tim, no one ever goes and skates.