Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Printing Woes tied with Publishing Solutions

So, I've been pricing the printing for DVD's and talking with just about everyone I can to see how much money I'm going to need to front, and the general consensus is definitely between $700-$1000 dollars...which I don't/won't have anytime soon which sucks, but through my searching I was given some pretty sound advice.

Adam Killgore, who initially was going to distribute the DVD's, informed me of how difficult it was to sell DVD's and brought up the great idea of setting up a way that people could pay and see them online. So I did some researching and found a way to do so.

I've heard this idea kicked around alot here in recent times but haven't really heard of anyone doing it, sooo maybe I'll decided to do the test run for this thing and see how it turns out.

I definitely understand that, in some ways this makes it easier for people to pirate/steal or whatever, but I have a little faith in the rollerblading community, so it'll be interesting to see ho this comes out. And to be honest, I really want this thing to be seen, so here goes nothing.

Now, I didn't make the DVD Cover/Booklet for nothing, I will be printing DVD's through this awesome DIY company called Jewel Boxing (if you don't know about them you really should check them out) and they will be available for those who truly wish to buy them. The advantage of doing so will be better quality and a sweet DVD with lots of cool bonus stuff on it, like full quality internet edits, awesome b-roll and just having the DVD for me was always alot better than looking at it on the computer.

So, that's the plan as of now, the video will definitely still be premiering in Tallahasse and I'll still stoked on making this thing, its just a little experimental. haha

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