Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Thing...Or Two

Ok so I know this is really typical in the industry and I was really hoping I wouldn't have to do this but...I do. So, the video, is being delayed until May.

It sucks, I was really hoping things would have been sorted out by now but not having my computer for the past three months has really set things back. I just really want to have enough time for post production and I feel like if I have a solid two months to take care of business then i'll be able to create something people can really get excited about.

So sorry if that's a let down, but as long as there are no other crazy problems, there will be no more delays.

Glad that's aired out.

Also, in the last month or so, on some down time, I redesigned the SOMO logo.

When I initially made the first one, it started out as more of a rough draft and it was just never really finished, but I used it in the Trailer anyways cause that's how I roll.
When I started designing the DVD Booklet however, I realized the low res version wasn't cutting so, here is the new new:

The overall look is the same. The main differences between the two are:
1. The Colors are richer and in 16-bit CMYK for print instead of the 8-bit RGB the older one was
2. It's still "grungy" but has a lot cleaner look
3. It's now a vector design
4. The letters are Kerned properly and more discernible
5. It looks alot better.

And that's about it for now.
Session this Sunday.

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