Monday, January 26, 2009

ATL Trip Part 2

Motherboard is on its way to being fixed, I'm estimating about 10 days before its shipped and about 13-15 before I see it again.

In some other awesome news Atlanta was really sick. Skated with alot of good dudes and got some really good footage from Mr. Mcmanus.

I wasn't really on the photography game this weekend though because my bud Kevin Dowling was on the photo quest to help Adam shoot for be-mag...maybe. I got a lot of good footage though and made some really sick connects over the weekend.

To give you something visual, here are some things I found while in Atlanta.

Monopoly Font!
Or Kabel Heavy for all you font geeks. I spotted it on the day pass to Kevin's house. I never realized how much I really enjoy this font, but it is quite curious.

The Jonah Watch
By: Jack Cady (1983) Whilst touring an abandoned jail in search of something to skate, I found loads of books littering the floor, and to be totally honest the Avaunt Gaurd (one of my favs) is what caught my eye. I did some reasearching as to see what kind of book it was, and contrary to my first guess of it being an "Invisible Man" type story, its actually a fictional, possibly autobiographical, story involving the Coast Gaurd. This review made it seem pretty interesting.
I'm pretty sure this particular cover is a reprint, here's the original.

Say Goodnight Gracie
In the same abandoned Jail, I found part of a book I believe to be titled "Say Goodnight Gracie." It has alot of really awesome Black and White pictures and some text that I've yet to read. Looked interesting anyways.

Well, that's all for now, we have a pretty decent session planned for next weekend and I'm sure I'll snap a couple flicks there, so stay tuned for that.

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