Thursday, January 29, 2009


So here are some design ideas for SOMO that I decided against:

WARNING: Some of these are really bad...really really bad.
Unfinished Cover #1
Orignially for the DVD Booklet cover, I like the colors, I like the logo, but it just doesn't match anything...and the green..I was hellbent on using green in this cover but the more I look at it, the more I know its just not gonna happen.

DVD Cover Idea #2
There are alot of flaws and I really don't hate the design, with some work it could be pretty cool I think, but it just doesn't fit this video's whole vibe.
Logo Idea #1
This was actually the first Logo I designed for SOMO but decided against it...its just not that fun.
Logo Idea #2

Somo Logo #4I actually really like where this was heading but I didn't like how dark it was and that it resembles the font used in Star Wars waaay too much. I might actually revisit this guy for something else in the future though.

More Logos I won't be Using
The top and bottom logo's were created while I was making Tim's poster but I actually wound up using a play off of the middle logo for it instead.

Alternate Font I was making to us in Thomas Martin's Mock RB Poster.
Just dont' like it, I've been dying to get ahold of a legit Alternate font though.

Spot Check Logo Idea #1hahahahaha

Spot Check Logo #2
Spot Check was an idea for a section of the video, I've decided not to even use it though because I think in a video, its a bit redundant and I already have so much content that I don't want to overload anyone. I was so excited about this as I was making it though. I was hoping to replicate a similar movement like that in D-Strukt's 06 showreel at :45...I failed.

Home Grown Idea #1
This is a section that actually will be in the video featuring a bunch of really good locals, but this idea well...its not what i had in mind and its pretty wack. hahahaa.

I don't know if its the same as other people that design but I usually have like a million bad ideas before I come up with a good one that sticks. Its funny looking at the progression of such things.

But that's all for now. Sunday Session, holler.

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