Thursday, January 22, 2009

Goodbye Youtube, Hello Vimeo

I've had a Youtube account for the past three years of my life and I've managed to keep it updated virtually monthly with content that was reasonably tasteful. In that time, I've accumulated 60+ edits, gained Youtube some 112,000 plus hits and built a pretty decent little following. But now, with all this "matching third party content" nonsense, I'm moving on.

I decided that if I'm going to create something that has no other purpose than to be seen by people (not make money) I'm going to choose a medium that allows me to do so without all the mumbo jumbo in between.

On the Vimeo site, I've uploaded videos that have recently been blocked and will continue to upload more of my favorites/most viewed when my computer gets fixed.

So with no further introduction, here is the new and improved vimeo account without all the nonsense.

Click Here for Vimeo account

I'm not deleting the old Youtube account or anything, it'll still be there for them to pick apart the videos I have left. I'll also be posting a video (with no sound) with the same information you've seen here so that there is no confusion.

With that said, enjoy, and lookout for more edits soon.

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