Monday, January 19, 2009

A Trip to the A Part I

Holler. Well, the motherboard is in the mail and on its way to be fixed. But I've had alot of people asking if I even update the blog anymore so I figured I have to get on the ball with something to show or people would lose alot of interest soooo...

At about noon/noon thirty Tim and I arrive at our friend Heath's house in Atlanta and waste no time getting to the skating. The first spot is a great ledge with alot of potential for lines and best of all its right down from Heath's house. So after Tim laces a few lines, Smiley and Brandon Nessler meet up with us. From here we're off on our day of skating.

Now the whole day the weather was below freezing, it was actually so cold that water fountains in downtown Atlanta had frozen over, but we're off skating nonetheless. After a couple clips at a couple of different ledge spots, Heath takes us to these awesome little artistic sculputures in the middle of Atlanta.
We also filmed a couple of lines here and Smiley came through with this really clean fishbrain up and across this curve:
So from this spot we're off again to this stair ledge that you might just recognize from the IMYTA in ATL.
Just about as soon as we arrive and check out the begins to snow, and we have the video to prove it. But despite the temperature/precipitation Smiley comes through with a couple tricks and this pretty clean photo of a back royale:
He also laced a really clean fish but my batteries for the GL had mysteriously died the spot before so there's no real documentation besides the mental sort, sorry Smiley.

At this point, its freezing, snowing and time for us to get in doors. So after a couple slices and a few Beers at Felini's, we headed back to Heath's house for a night of drinking, skate videos, chess, and a great time.

The next morning, we all get up, get to some grub then part ways with Heath and head to this awesome cement park we've all been hearing about, Duncan Creek.

Thanks to some directions from my ATL buddy Richard Williams, we get there and have a blast. So much so that I didn't even think to break out the camera.

However, we did stop at these pretty cool road gates on our way out and got a good couple pictures/video there.

Smiley with the TTS...up:
Brandon did this makio, amongst a list of cool tricks:
After all this it was time to head back home and get ready for the week to come.
So we part ways and that pretty much concludes our Trip to the be continued, next week.
Now that the ball is really rolling on getting the computer fixed editing will begin soon, stay tuned for updates.

Also, if you're interested in a couple more photos from the trip check out my flickr.

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