Monday, February 2, 2009

Blade Doods

Another dope weekend with a bunch of my friends. No motherboard back yet, but no worries, its on its way...I hope haha.

The weekend started with my best bud Jeremy Lister and I do a little solo skating and filming for a little project he and I are working on. After a good couple of spots and some awesome blading, we head out to this obstacle Jeremy has been telling me about and upon arrival our good friends Tim Taylor and Tyler Wade happen to already be at this spot unplanned. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Mcmanus and Mr. Hinson joined up with us to finish the day out. A couple clips were had here and a few beers were laced, all in all a good start to a weekend.

On Sunday, Thomas Martin arrived around 1ish along with Jeremy and Dustin. After a quick "On Top" viewing we made our way to the first spot. I'd definitely have to say Thomas Martin held it down on his new RB Solo Eras. All day he was consistant and skated very dangerous things. Amongst his skating, he managed to Topsoul this super steep, super wooden, dangerous drop rail...thing check it out.

Mr. Mcmanus also had several very good rollerblading clips on the day and this rad, but shot mediocrely, Fishbrain:
So in a nutshell that was pretty much the weekend. I hear tales of a Boone Session next weekend so stay tuned and get ready for some fire...of the hot sort.

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