Monday, September 22, 2008

Back with a Bang

Back in action and in a big way. This weekend really marked the first weekend I was able to get out and start filming for SOMO again and man did it start off with a bang. After waiting for everyone to arrive, we finally depart to our first spot at about three. This spot had a plethora of obstacles to skate but within about the first 15 minutes after Tim sizes everything up, he throws down this massive kink ledge roll gap to fakie down a 16 set first try and with style, the consistency is unbelievable at times. Here's a screen:
Here's a couple other screen shots from the session at this first spot.
Adam laced this clean zero savvy down the very steep 16 set at the end of one of his lines:
Adam again with a grabbed Backslide:
Smiley with a low Top Soul at the end of his line:
And last but not least Tim laced this wallride at the end of a crazy line. I managed to get one shot off before my SLR died so it will need just a bit of photoshopping, so for now, here's the screen:
Thus, the first spot had been annihilated and it was time to move on.

The second spot was this square down rail that we always pass but have never really got to skate, so we decided to give it a go. Check it out:
Adam with a Zero Porn:

Smiley with a very clean BS Backslide:
Tim laced a Front Savvanah:
After this spot, it was time for some taco bell. After we ate some grub, we headed to the last spot which was this weird ledge spot we just happened to stumble upon. So to give you an idea here's smiley doing a Topsoul on the ledge there.

After the last spot, everyone came back to my house and we imported some footage, had some laughs and watched Kenny Owens Say Word 3 which if you haven't picked up a copy, I highly recommend you do so. Along with having some of the best music I've heard in a video in a long time, it has 3 profiles on Montre Livingston, trips everywhere from Cali, NYC, France, and even Austrailia and some really awesome skating from names like Austin Kincade, Will Gordon, and Mike Koliner. So basically, go buy a copy. If you need more convincing, here's the Say Word 3 preview:

Due to some crazy money issues coupled with returning to work after a month off, I probably won't update for another 2 weeks or so, but stay tuned, you never know what might pop up, like a Tim Taylor peyote edit or something...I dunno tho, just sayin.

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