Monday, October 13, 2008

Homestead Bootin' 10-11-08

Wow, what a weekend. So, at 11a.m. I get a call from Tim Taylor wanting to go hit up a quick solo session to film a couple spots before Smiley, Rafe, and Johnny get here. So, at about 11:45a.m. we get to our first spot and its this double set that you can skate from landing to landing and it barely has any landing in between, so while its not a big obstacle, its definitely a difficult one to skate. The screen grabs don't quite do it justice so I'm only going to post this one of Tim doing this wallride at the end of a wallride line:

After he did just about all he could at this spot, we headed out to the next spot which was basically discovered on one of those, "let's check out what's behind back" moments and that proved to be the best idea I've possibly ever had.

As soon as we skated around back Tim and I both saw this stunt and the conversation went like this:
Me: "For real?"
Tim: "Yeah dude, I got it."

Hahaha, after just seeing it we both knew what was about to go down. So I set up, Tim laced first try, and about 4 more times until he got the clip exactly like he wanted, and we immediately went back to my place to check out the still I shot. Once we get to my house and upload it, we decide it isn't quite good enough so Tim goes back and laces it again, but even better than the one from before, that's professionalism kids.

The still came out so good that I'm not going to post it yet and save it for the next SOMO poster, so check back later this week for that! But check the screen grab:
Tim Wallride:
After this, Smiley, Rafe, show up.

And we meet Joey Adams at this OG greenville spot. Where Tim laced this stairbash to Zero AO Top porn:

After this spot, got some Subway, meet up with our bud Johnny Ray...
And headed out to the same spot Tim and I had already been twice. We got to skate just about long enough for Smiley to get this clean topsoul to walltap before we got the boot from the man.
The next spot was a spot none of us really knew existed, it was this belly button high ledge that I've had to of drove by at least a hundred times. So with Johnny on the camera, and myself behind the DSLR, Smiley wasted no time getting to work showing off some of that low legged swagger we all love watching.
The Undertaker Backtorq
And the patented, low, clean, steezerific, knee breaking TTS:
Here's a look at how high the ledge is:
Johnny Ray was cool enough to man the camera, and Rafe is always steezin on the skate trips:

The footage from this spot is just awesome and I'm sure you'll be seeing a peek of that TTS in the next trailer coming out.

At this point it was getting dark outside but buds Adam Mcmanus and Dustin Hinson were just getting out of work so rolling about 7 deep, we headed up to Ximeno and bladed and filmed a bit more and to spare the words, check out this short little fun edit with all the bros.

I recommend you DL this edit though because its way cooler with better quality.

After here, Mcmanus and I went to play some Wii golf and take all kinds of fun pictures until about 5:30a.m.

So I've got alot of goodies for you guys in the upcoming weeks, and here are some things you can expect to see:

• Adam Mcmanus Chimera Wheels Edit 1.1
• Dustin Hinson Park Edit
• Tim Taylor SOMO Poster
• SOMO Trailer #2

So get excited and keep checking back because I have a funny feeling that 3 of the 4 things on that list will probably be done within the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned

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