Sunday, June 8, 2008

Filming Update 06-01-08 - 06-07-08

Wow, what a week of rollerblading so much has happened so I'm going to go ahead and get right into it. It started on a Saturday with a session involving myself, Tim Taylor, Jason "Smiley" Mosely, Tyler Wade and a few other locals. We had a good couple spots that produced several very good clips, here are the screens:
Smiley with a steezed out TTS on the brown rails:

Tim also put the steelo on a Back unity:

After skating the rail, we traveled to the other side of the building and shot a couple lines on the obstacles they had to skate there and of the two this was my favorite line Tim laced, which he ended with a soyale:

After skating brown rails for all they had to offer, we traveled down the street to skate Brown ledges...we lack originality when it comes to naming spots haha. But here both Tim and Smiley manage to lay down a couple of quality clips:
Smiley with a low BS Full Torq:

Tim's off the sign, across the road, down the bank to wallride, nothing but clip:
Tim with a pretty big wallride at the end of his line:

And after a little mushroom blading and a few other random spots, that pretty much ended out the first day.

Also, another big thing coming up is the AIL Greenville City Blade Bash, hosted by S.P.O.G. here in Greenville, SC.
I was in charge of putting the flyer together and after a couple of failed attempts, I finally decided on a simpler easier look to it, check it out:

After all that craziness was over Adam and I went out on a solo mission and he managed to bang out a few clips at the same spots we went and skated on Saturday:

And here's a screen of the Sweaty:

And of course the clip at brown rails, 270 BS Full Torq Budget AO Top Porn:

After that spot, that pretty much concluded the day and the filming for the week. I did manage to get a little skating in and get a couple clips skating with Paul Smitty, but not before some guy decided to call the cops on us. At the spot I laced a pretty solid soul to BS Full Torq 3 out and rack myself trying to do a makio...that's right. Some hilarity ensued when the cops came but thats a story better told in person :P

Also in other big new, Adam Mcmanus is now flow for Chimera and aparently is the first US flow rider, check out the flyer Benny put together, I took the kung fu pic!!:
Well that concludes that, I'm off and skating this weekend and the weekend after next Mcmanus and myself will be traveling up to Columbia, so you should come skate with us!

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