Monday, June 23, 2008

Filming Update 06-21-08

So at about noon my good buds Jeremy Lister and Ollie...ollie arrive at my house and we set sail for Columbia, SC to meet up with Adam M., Smiley, David Benke (sp?), and Riley to do some good ol fashioned rollerblading.

After arriving to Smiley's house we waste no time to get to the skating and make our way to infamous outside Strom for some good old ledge skating as seen below:

Smiley Neg Porn

Smiley BS Bslide
Smiley with a Topsoul across the WHOLE ledge

Smiley with the Patented Tru Top Soul Steez

Riley Hilsman Tru Fish at the end of a line
Jeremy Lister wants YOU to do a wheel barrow :P

That pretty much wrapped it up for the first spot, got a couple good pics and a couple good clips, so it was time to head to the next spot.

The next spot was at some college and there were an abundance of spots here so this was the last spot but we wound up skating 3 different rails so it made for a really fun last spot. The first rail we sessioned was this long stair rail and Smiley was able to lay down a nice very low fish brain:

After he laced his fishy, we skated over to the next spot which was a very steep, decent length handrail. David Benke almost Royaled it but after a couple of head first dives in the unforgiving bushes on the side, he decided to sit this one out. After about a million tries I managed this bad boy...
Another soul grind!
After this spot, we headed over to another rail, that was just about perfect. We didn't film anything but I did manage to shoot this pic of smiley doing a nice BS Backslide:

This was pretty much the end of the skate day for us. Now it was time to head off to David Benke's house to watch the new DL video, which as expected was very good....except for that damn comic sans...oh well. As you can imagine the skating was amazing, and the unseen footage was good too, also I'd like to add that the overall layout and design of the thing was very nice too, so all in all, a job well done by DL.

As the night progressed we headed back over to Smiley's house for burgers and beers. Kelly and Smiley being the awesome hospitable people they are not only made up a bed for me, but they cooked burgers, (they don't eat red meat) and bought alot of beer just so we could have a good time. And just for the record, Kelly makes the best sauteed mushrooms I've ever had. It was a really fun night filled with music, new faces, juggling, and good buds. We also got this guy Ben to play us a song that you just may see in my next video.
Here's Ben and his wife Fran:
Oh and I completely forgot to mention this was sort of a surprise party for Smiley, so here's the birthday boy doing what he does best:
And the wonderful Kelly
After some Mario Kart and alot more beers, we called it a night and went to bed.
The next morning I woke only to watch another 5 skate videos I hadn't seen with the like of Teach them Well, Rickayyy's This is Rollerblading, Paul John's Tax Free, and others. All of which I highly recommend you go out and buy. 
After Smiley got off work, we headed to this near by rail to get a couple clips before the day was out, and here's what we came up with:
Smiley with another patented TTS:
Also with a BS Unity
Myself with a Soyale to AO Top Soul
Soyale to Makio
And Mr. David Benke who skated/chilled with us all weekend

Also, the preceding weekend Riley Hilsman was kind enough to hook me up with some footage he had gotten in the weeks before and I won't give out too much information but here's a couple screen shots of the footy I now have!
Tim Taylor with a Hardspin Top Soul
Brian Starnes with THE Sidewalk
Adam Mcmanus with a 360 over some grass and Strange/Large Embankment

So having that said, they're won't be any updates for about 2-3 weeks as I'm going on vacation, but as soon as I get back it'll be skating and filming as usual. So I expect a ton of phone calls in two weeks to go skating! Holler!

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