Monday, May 26, 2008

Filming Update 05-25-08

Me oh my oh my, what a day, what a day!!! So weekends are back to normal again finally and Mr. Mcmanus and myself get to get back to our land travelin' ways. So, around 11:30 Adam Mcmanus, Tim Taylor, Tyler Wade, and myself all head out for Boone.
After a quick detour and a horrendous traffic jam, due to some wire laying, we get to Thomas Martin's house at about 2:30-3:00pm. and after a short wait for the Charlotte guys (Kenny Owens, Phil Gripper, Montre Livingston) we arrive at the first spot around about 5pm. This first spot was a small three stair with a little brick ledge that went off the stairs to a landing and then a low mellow stair rail that got destroyed. Pretty much everyone came through with really solid lines but I have to say the most notable had to be Tim's fakie 180 up the ledge to 360 to flat then tru mizou down the rail laced clean and stylish. Here are a couple screens:

Thomas Martin with an A/O Mizou cab out:
Phil Gripper with a Half Cab Topacid out of his line:
Joe Matty with the Front Savannah:
Tim also decided to bring back the X-grind:
Adam with the 360 in the beginning of his line:
Montre with an steezed out A/O Topsoul

At the first spot there was also this pretty steep like copening wooden rail with no landing that got sessioned...check it out!
Thomas with a sweaty (that I count):
Montre laced this A/O soul:
And Phil landed this lengthy Back Backslide:

The second spot was located under a bridge and had pretty decent ledges to skate, however, Adam had been telling Tim all day that there was a bank there he should drop in. The bank isn't exactly user friendly, in fact, its extremely intimidating but Tim taylor came through again with a HAMMER and this really is the clip of the second spot:
...yes he did...

After this spot, we pretty much went to the Boone Skatepark to end the day out. And I must say Boone has a plethora of rollerbladers. They probably have more people skate in their tiny park than we do in all of greenville, and considered how big boone is, that's impressive.
After we were all skated out, we hit up Dos Amigos for a burrito/some good times with new and old friends and then called it a night and headed on our way back home. It was such a fun time with a bunch of really good rollerbladers and some really awesome friends, so thank you to all who came out, and let's skate next weekend!!

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