Saturday, May 24, 2008

Steady Now...

Sometimes I see and hear things that mess me up.
To elaborate, sometimes people make things that make me feel such a way that I can't create anything without being able to replicate something of the similar sort, basically, I like this thing so much that I hit a creative road block until I feel like I've successfully created something that gives me the same feeling as what that person created. And its not a jealous or envious type feeling, its more of an encouraging and exciting feeling.
In this particular instance, it happened to be an edit by one Morgan Jones for the 06 Colorado Mixtape (below):

There is so much about it that I like, the song, the editing, the flow, etc. But the biggest thing I like about it is that it seems to be more focused on skating and the the skater. Its not tailored to a specific style or name, it simply embodies that which we do, and I like that so that was the biggest point I was trying to get across Thus, in hopes of moving on from my creative slump, I made this. It's completely different from Mr. Morgan's but for some reason gives me a sense of completion that I was looking for.
So I guess the whole reason behind posting Morgan's video was to show you what excatly inspired this little short.
I really don't know if its even good, in fact, I'm only moderately pleased with the outcome, but none-the-less, here it is.

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