Thursday, May 22, 2008

Adam Mcmanus Chimera Wheel Edit

Adam Chimera Edit Good
So, its 4:33 am and I just heard the wonderful chime of this edit finishing rendering, awesome.

Sorry all for taking so long to update, to be completely honest I just haven't filmed that much in the past two weeks. I've had crazy work schedules and life has just taken over! But this coming weekend, things will be right back to normal.

So, through the craziness, I did have time to shoot and chop this short little Chimera wheel edit with Adam. Benny Harmanus was a nice dude and sent Adam some wheels to roll on and what better way to thank him than skate them and make an edit!! And since there is an edit, I'm going to forgo the screen shots and just leave you with the video! Enjoy!

Let's skate this weekend.

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