Monday, May 5, 2008

Filming Update 04-03-07

Soooo. The day starts off with a quick session with some friendly faces at Ximeno. After a short but fulfilling session there Tim Taylor and I head back to the house to grab a drink/review some footy. It was then that tim informed me of this trick he wanted to do at this spot I'd never been to, so with my interest peeked, we leave.

We get there and its the perfect obstacle for Tim and his skating, challenging and creative. And as always Tim came through with two solid clips and this particular spot.
Its like this high jump to a roll, gap to electric box and then gap back to the street. And it works so well with Tim's skating because there is so much involved in the trick that it takes it a minute but it makes it extremely interesting to watch. Here's the Screen:

Tim Hop to roll to makio to roll to Gap...yes

Also Tim laced the soul on the electric box in a line beginning with this pretty large jump off of this sign

So with a short park session and two solid clips under his belt we decide to call it a session and wrap up. I wanted to go scope out this rail to ledge combo in the same area so we trekked up a little bit to check it out. When we got there, Tim immediately saw this roll to drop he'd been wanting to do, so he did:
Tim drop to 360 to the street

After the clip was made, we packed up and headed back to the park to end the day, and called it a night.
Sunday also involved alittle park skating at the ol' Innman skatepark. It wasn't anything big, just a chill session with all the bros. Johnny Ray was kind enough to film a couple of the festivities and here's what I tossed together.

So all in all, its been a productive/fun weekend.

And I hate to be a spoiler but you might want to look out for a new Adam Mcmanus edit coming up in the next couple of weeks, I think he has some wheels he wants to talk about...stay tuned.

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