Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Filming Update 04-23-08

So the beginning of the day starts at 10:30 on a Sunday and its up to Greer to go pick up Adam Mcmanus and in a very unusual haste, we get on the road to Spartanburg to meet Smiley and Dustin Hinson shortly there after.

We arrive at Dustin's place right on time and both he and I waste no time getting to work on this little side project that you'll find out about soon enough. So about an hour later, Dustin and I finish up and Smiley, Adam and Myself head out.

About some 2 and 1/2 hours later we arrive at the all too familiar Hickory High and much to our surprise are greeted by a mass gathering of Carolinas heads, including Thomas Martin (with Boone crew), Kenny Owens, Montre Livingston, Cody Dakota (w/Greer Crew) David Medford, Joey Adams, Phil Gripper, Jim Robertson, Joe Matty, and freshly back from a terrible leg injury Jon Cooley. So many sick tricks were laced and it would be awesome to post all of them......but I like to keep you guessing. Here are a couple of screen shots.

Cody Dakota with a 270 BS Unity to Makio in a line.
Montre Livingston with a little tap dancing.
Thomas Martin with a wallride in a line he threw down.
Now that everyone was warmed up we were off to the next spot, which were these nicely slanted blue down rails. Now I didnt' film here because I was trying this rail transfer trick the whole time that I never wound up landing, and its a shame because so many good tricks were laced here. And of all of the tricks, I would have to say I was most impressed with David Medford yet again. I, along with, I'm sure, everyone else there, am now a full fleged David Medford fan and I really can't wait to see him get more exposure and continue to progress, I would definitely say keep an eye out for him.
However, to see the clips I guess you'll just have to get either, Joe Matty's In the Norm or Kenny Owens' follow up to Say Word 2, Say Word 3 to see what all went down. After everyone laced their tricks, and I gave up with mine, we decided to head to the last spot.

The last spot, line rails, is sort of an infamous Hickory spot that everyone comes to skate if they come to town, so it was cool to get all the dudes together and do a little bit of shreddin there. Once again, such a productive spot, so much fun, so many laced tricks. There was seriously like a 5 minute clip of just amazing skating with no breaks in between. Everyone was going one after another lacing trick after trick after trick. I couldn't even begin to write down all the tricks that were done but I do have to say in addition to being a super solid/tech/consistent skater, Montre is a really cool dude.

Phil Gripper with a Backslide on the top and bottom
David Medford AO Negative Mistrial in a line
Joey Sweaty 270 BS Royale

Kenny Owens Mistrial to To Tru FishSmiley with the patented steezy TTS
And Jon Cooley back in the game with a BS Royale, welcome back man.

After everyone pretty much skated till they couldn't anymore we parted way with Montre, Kenny and the Greer Crew, ate some food, then parted ways ourselves.

On our way back, Smiley makes the mistake of taking a nap and entrusting Adam and myself with directions, which if you know our track record with directions, is a terrible idea. So through some poor directional sense, or another, we wound up getting stuck in Shelby, NC driving in circles, talking to bums and winding up in some sketchy factory parking lot. It was at about that time that Smiley woke up and learned of our situation. So we drive around lost for a few minutes and then through some prophetic OG knowledge, Smiley chimes in with: "Dude, if we can get to the waffle house, I can get us home." Puzzled but intrigued, Adam and I oblige and find the waffle and sure enough, he gets us home.
Apparently, Shelby used to be stomping grounds six years ago for the old man and according to him on one hallcenogenic occasion six years back he somehow managed his way home through this route and just never forgot....
So basically, we got home at 2:30 am with a new funny story to tell.
Thanks to all the heads that came out, and made this such a dope weekend. It seriously was just a rad weekend with a bunch of rad dudes.
Skate next weekend?


joe matty said...

its mefford bow

ddodge04 said...

oh no kidding? well I'll be sure to fix that later. thanks joe!