Sunday, April 13, 2008

Filming Update 04-14-08

Well, well, well, happy birthday to me. And what better present from my friends than an excellent weekend full of filming and laced tricks. I guess everything kicked off Saturday with a session filled with really good locals. For the better half of Saturday, I was actually doing alot of skating and not so much filming. Joe and I had discussed filming a section for his new video In The Norm and due to some very random and unfortunate events, we haven't been able to skate together in a while, so Saturday marked a good day to get some good ol filmin done.
After skating a few spots and taking a couple spills we (Adam Mcmanus, David Medford, Joey Adams, and myself) wound up at this bank to bank spot where we only wound up filming for like 30 mins, and both David and Adam laced really good lines but screen shots just really won't do either of them justice so for now...
here's joey with a couple wall ride variations:

I must say after skating the day away with Joey and David, I think I became aware just how broad their range of obstacles they can skate and how well they can skate them really is. And from what I understand from Joe, their sections in In The Norm, are going to be very good, so be on the lookout.

Sunday rolls around, and after a nasty hangover and watching Clip 4, Adam and I decide to get motivated and go do the rollerblading thing. The first spot we arrive to is this dope little rail, that Nick Bates and myself personally dug out of the ground and made skateable, at a park that was made by some local skateboarders called Twin Towers. Adam laced two solid tricks and here is a screen shot of his AO makio to topside mistrial:

After Adam laced his couple of tricks here, we decided to head out to go meet up with everyone. On the way though, I remembered this rail I really wanted to show Adam, and our litte detour proved quite fruitful:
Top porn to Tru porn cab out
Mistrial to Tru Mistrial cab out

After our little detour, we head back up to the skatepark to meet up with Nate McGregor and Nick Bates to do a little more skating at a black kink rail we recently found and it was great to get to skate with Nick and Nate again. Due to conflicting schedules we hardly ever get to hang out, but its so good to still see Nick killing it with the ridiculously style you can't help but love.

Nick - Soul to Flat 180 the set
Nick - Torq Soul through the Kinks

Adam - Fish through the Kinks

After this spot we decided to take off and call it a day. All in all, it was a very sucessful weekend, and thank you to everyone who came out (Nate M., Nick B., Joe Matty, Adam M., David M., and Joey A.) Sessions resume on the weekend.

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