Monday, March 24, 2008

Filming Update 03-22-08

The weekend starts at about 10:30 in the morning, I get up and on my way to meet Adam in Spartanburg to start the day. Getting up at 10:30 is an extremely early start for skating on Saturdays, especially for Adam and myself, but is completely necessary if we're the sole navigators in the given adventure. You see Adam and I both notrious for being late and getting lost, even with the most simple of directions, and this trip was no exception.

So at about noon Adam and I set out for Hickory to go skate with Thomas Martin of Boone. On our way we get lost about 40 times and wind up not finding the park we're supposed to meet Thomas at, so we just set search for Hickory High, which like any other traveling adventure, proves to be full of getting lost and laughing at our terrible navigation skills. So finally, we get so lost that we ask Thomas to come find us. Now with none of us being very familiar with Hickory, this proves to an interesting task but through some grace he finds us and we commence skating this dope little flat rail we just happened to stumble on. Sorry no pics. After a short session there, we decide to try the Hickory High idea again and it was probably the best idea of all day.

This picture doesn't really do it justice but thomas did this really cool line where he jumped on this nipple high ledge to 180 over a rail and a short distance later fakie 3 over another rail to a drop, but here's a pic of the drop anyways:

Thomas with a monster wallride:

Adam also laced a really clean, really steezy AO wallride cab out:

There were these really dope ledges that you can skate in a line at this school too and all three of us actually managed to get a couple clips on them.
Here's me at the end of a line 360 over another one of the ledges:

And here's Adam at the end of one of his lines with a Zerospin Fishbrain:

This school also had some "man" obstacles, as dubbed by Thomas that he and I skated.
I did a soul grind :P

Thomas literally slammed into the ground about 8 times at the bottom of the rail before he landed this. But he took it like a champ and still managed to come through, here's a little ghetto sequence of Thomas doing a pornstar to step back soul:

After we did all we could think of at the school we went to the next spot where we were instantly greeted by this very unusual, possibly cracked out, older white gentle men.
And because I was scoping the rail/landing out i missed the beginning of the conversation so I don't have the exact words, but it was something to the lines of:
"That's a nice car, do you want it to get stripped?"
"That's a nice car."
Oh thanks man.
"Do you boys know where you are?"
"NO, do you know where you are?"
Hickory right?
and i quote:
"You're in Niggertown, USA and if don't want to get your car stripped you need to..." (he was talking way to fast to understand but he was giving us directions to this "safe parking place."
With nothing to say after such a response, there was a short awkward pause and then the man saying:
"Ya'll will be alright."
And then I shit you not, in his very clearly not jogging gear (jeans and a tee), he takes off in a light jog, in the opposite direction from which he came, which he was definitely not jogging from before...Single handedly the strangest encounter I've ever had. And despite what that guy said everybody that we met was extremely nice.
Here's the rail:
Thomas laced this top porn to back slide tap off the flat.

and also laced a very gnarly gut rack.

Adam with a topsoul 540 out:

This spot pretty much wrapped up the session. We went had some food and some laughs at Applebee's parted ways with Thomas and headed on our way home for some well deserved rest.

The good part about this is that there are so many tricks I didn't post just because this post would be entirely too long, but this weekend was another very good very good weekend that was very productive.

*Sorry for not updating last week, I took that weekend off to do some personal things and just do some chill skating. However, I did make this funny little edit of my good bud Jeremy Lister, that's about as productive as I was.

That's all for now though, stay tuned.

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