Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Filming Update 04-01-08

So this weekend was another very chill just doing some skating by myself weekend, I actually didn't pick up the camera to film anyone, however, I did take some time and work on the name titles and try to accomplish this idea I've had for them for ever.
Since I've had the idea to start this second video, I've had the idea of bringing everything in on strings, like a marionette or a puppet or something, and the main problem i seem to be facing is the strings. I don't know after effects well enough to simulate strings dropping into frame and make it look somewhat convincingly real, so I went with a different course of action.
The Setup:

Basically what I was doing; is I tied black strings to a green piece of paper, the same green as the background, to give them some weight/keep them equal distance from each other, then tied the strings to the wooden dowel and recorded them dropping into frame on the green screen. And the idea behind doing this was to import the footage into AE/Premiere Pro and Key out the Green color so all i had left were the black strings that would eventually bring my titles in.

Well that seemed like a really good idea and makes alot of sense right? The only thing I was and still am worried about is the natural motion blur picked up by my camera. I believe it has something with the GL2 only shooting at 29.97 fps, and basically the problem is the motion blur causes the parts of the green screen to be darker greens than the rest which don't key out as well.

I may still be able to use it but I'm not sure, I messed around with it some last night before I just got too tired and went to bed, and will probably do the same tonight. And I suppose, if nothing at all, it makes for some pretty cool pictures. Well thats all the updates for now, more to come.

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