Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Filming Update 03-11-07

Oh my, oh my. What a crazy weekend, i suppose the best place to start would be at the beginning.
The day kicks off with a session at Ximeno's Skatepark of Greenville where we skate and wait to meet up with everybody to go skate. When everyone arrives, we're rolling about 11 deep with some mentionable attendance that threw down: Anthony Timmons, Tim Taylor, Adam Mcmanus, Thomas Martin, and Joey Adams.
The first spot is a spot called brown rails which, contrary to the name, isn't limited to just brown had rails, it actually has a plethra of obstacles to skate, in this particular session everyone decided to session the cannon to curve rail line, and here are some screen shots.

Joey Adams - BS Full Torq cannon to Kg on the curve rail

Thomas Martin - soul to fakie the cannon, half cab pornstar revert down the curve rail

Adam Mcmanus - Royale 360 out the cannon to AO Fish down the curve

And out of nowhere Tim Taylor laced this crazy soul stall to topsoul transfer:

Richard Williams, and Chauncey Jenkins from Atlanta came and joined up with us a little bit later but after getting kicked out of a ledge spot and locking my keys in my car, while it was still running, I pretty much called it a day while everyone skated park up until party time.
Unfortunately, there is no documentation of the enusing night but it was full of alcohol, beer pong, and other random nonsensical activities. I guess you just had to be there.
Sunday Morning we all get up and after Richard and Chauncey very unexpectedly cleaned up the party mess, thanks alot guys :), myself, Anthony, Richard, and Chauncey get mobile and head out to meet dustin and film at Bryson. Here are a couple screen shots:

Richard Williams

Again, except with a BS Torq at the very end of the rail

Chauncey Jenkins in the middle of his Top Acid to BS Roy 450 BS Roy

Dustin Hinson with the Top Acid on the Dirty Lens

After that we hit up another spot here in Greenville but it got a little late so Richard and Chauncey had to be heading back. After we pointed them in the right direction, Richard, Dustin and I hit up this very steep handrail that Anthony wound up Kind Grinding both ways.
Here's the Screen:

After this spot, we all decided to call it a day. I ran Anthony up to Inman where his buds/the local Inman crew were skating, said my goodbyes, bought some spaghetti ingredients, traveled home, made it, saw the lady friend, and called it a very successful, very fun weekend.
Stay tuned, more updates to come..peace!

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