Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Adam Mcmanus Valo EB 1.3 Session

Adam Mcmanus EB 1.3 Edit Title
So Jon Julio was kind enough to hook Adam up with some EB 1.3's, and to show his appreciation we decided to make an edit of him skating them.
This all took place in a single night at Inman Skatepark here in South Carolina, and I feel like for a night's work he compiled some pretty rad footy.
Editting/Animating/Rendering took about 6 hours. And in the Youtube edit there are several things wrong that I intend on fixing for the higher quality edit.
But for now, here is the youtube quality:

*It has been pointed out to me that the actual name of the skate are the EB 1.3's, i'm aware of this and I acknowledge my error, sorry.

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