Monday, March 3, 2008

Hand Made The First Installment

Hand Made is a video that i put together about a year ago now and just recently got around to putting it online.
It was my first actual video filming and putting together but i think i did ok and overall its a pretty solid foundation for future videos. So through there development of the three that i plan on being in this particular series, i think you'll see a noticeable progression in the editing, animated, flow, and overall layout of my projects. The Sections are in the order that they appear in the video. Enjoy.

I wasn't about the intro just because of how rushed it was to make, but i did really like the fact that it fast paced and fun. I was really struggling to put this together when i did because i think aside from Nick Bates' section everything was done and i really didn't have alot of quality footage left, but somehow, i scrounged enough up to put this together. The song is by The White Stripes but for the life of me i can't remember the name.
Interesting Note:
*I actually made two introductions, and i wound up using the latter because i felt like it fit better.

Riley Hilsman's Section
not online yet, Riley asked me to withhold putting it online for the time being.

A Weekend With Mark Wojda
This was actually filmed in a two days. Myself, Riley, and Adam just happened to be road tripping out to Louisville, Ky for a family affair of mine but we made time to stop and skate the infamous concrete park there. The same night we got in town we met up with Mark and filmed at the park and one other spot. The following day Adam and Riley linked back up with Mark and went and filmed for a few hours which gave us enough footage for this section. It was mostly filmed with a fisheye because my camera was sort of broke at the time which caused alot of the filming to suffer i think. Its a very fast and quick paced section though which I feel like fits Mark's skating very well. The song is Shit Luck by Modest Mouse.
Interesting Note:
*I never got in touch with Mark again after making this so he potentially doesn't know he has a section in Hand Made.

Nick Bate's Section
This section is one of my favorites of the video but was one of the hardest to edit. Nick's style is really unparalleled, its so unique and different and interesting that finding music to match up with it is virtually impossible. I must've gone through literally ten songs and edits just trying to find something suitable for his skating. You see the footage was there and i felt it was all really good, but it hinged on finding the right music, and that didn't seem to happen until the very last moment. I heard a song I'd been listening to for a while then but this time it just clicked. After hearing the song it took me about 30 mins to place clips and get everything ready to go, i spent the least time on Nick's section but i really do feel like it came out to be one of the best. The song is Take Time by The Books
Interesting note:
1/4 of Nick's section was shot on an early morning mission one day in downtown Greenville.

Tim Taylor's Section
This section was combined with some footage that was about 4 years old and had some Hi8 footage incorporated. I really wanted to capture the versatility of Tim's skating in this edit and i feel like it really does. There have been complaints about too much park skating but, i don't necessarily agree, granted there may be more than usual, i still think that to capture all of what Tim is capable of that I had to put as much of his park skating as i could because its absolutely phenomenal. I like this section but in retrospect would have changed the pace of it to match the flow of the video. The songs used in this section were a Sufjan instrumental off of his Illinoise Outtakes album, a sample from the Null_Objct song Artifact, and the String Quartet Tribute to The Mars Volta the song Roulette Dares.
Interesting Note:
After editing this section I still had about 30 minutes of unused Tim Taylor footage and even more unused park footage.

I think fit perfect and included some of my very good friends and was probably some of the best editing in the video. There isn't much to be said about this particular section aside from the fact that i thought it was too short. The is God's Gonna Cut you Down by Johnny Cash
Interesting Note:
The phone call in the beginning was actually from Adam Mcmanus telling about that song (God's gonna cut you down) and that is the main reason that i used it.

Adam Mcmanus' Section
Best and favorite section of the video and a section that has been long overdue. I expected so much out of this section and it produced everything I expected, the skating, the editing, the titles, and the perfect song choice made this just an entertaining stylish, flashy edit you can't look away from. This section really does have alot of footage in it and when i was finished editing i really had nothing leftover. I still watch this section because the skating gets me excited to go skate. The song is Date with the Night by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
Interesting Note:
Adam hates section where the rider is wearing a different pair of skates so we actually had to take out alof of older, but really good, footage of him skating xsjado's, except for a backslide on a yellow drop rail.

Not much to be said, i didn't spend to much time on anything other than the little dedication for Phillip Nguyen, a friend who passed away in 2007. I just wanted to make sure everything was right for that part of the outro, other than that its chock full of cheap laughs, shanagins, and gay jokes. The song is Barnacles by Ugly Casanova.
Interesting Note:
This is the first footy of Jason Mosely I've ever used. :p

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