Wednesday, January 2, 2013

IFL: A Year-End Review

Well well well, 2012 has come to a close and I'm sitting on my couch with one of my famous cases of insomnia. As I lay awake when I most definitely would rather be sleeping, I began to think about this past year and all the things I accomplished.

I really spent some time with some very radical humans this year and experienced some things that I've been wanting to do for quite some time. So, here is my favorite moments from the blog that happened in 2012 list:

TCTBO/Nashville Trip with Slobey, Sanders and Ehalt, drunkenly singing Beirut to nothing but Ehalt's ukelele.

• Saying I was going to make a video but then not making a video when I clearly had enough content.

• Rebirth of the Quick Edit.

• Releasing the Blade Book Volume 2.

• Redesigning the blog (Thanks Kevin)

• Watching Thomas get so drunk at the pow wow he pissed himself.

• Learning the meaning of 'We Out Here' (also at the Pow Wow)

• Quick Edit 06

• Finally seeing Radiohead (at Bonnarroo)

• Getting buddy Mike Torres a job with me.

• Blading with Dowling at midnight in what was possibly the funnest session I had all year.

• Finally seeing Smiley again

• The entire experience of the Colorado road trip and the people I met but especially Lampman's pants spontaneously combusting within mere minutes of meeting him.

• First ever Greenville Mega Session

• Finally making a Slobey edit

• Lighting Mcmanus on Fire

• Twin Towers being skateable again

• The last of it

• The homies

All in all, not a bad year and I'm looking forward to the next one. To that shared in, a big thank you and to all those who didn't come visit me.

Anywho, I hear tale of a box jam at Raleigh's new Oak City this weekend, and I'm pretty sure myself and a small crew are going to make it out that way, hope to see you there.

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