Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quick Edit 08

The weekend began with myself, Adam and Garrett heading up to Atlanta to help Brian Starnes celebrate his birthday. Beers, laughs, and bets were had...the trip actually had everything, minus the blading.

The visit lit fire to young Mcmanus' blading and we went to skate for a better part of Saturday, along with the company of good friends The Trevors, we managed to come away with a little edit. Despite not skating much, this really was so much fun, I forgot how much of a blast it is to skate with old Mcmanus:

Quick Edit 08 from David on Vimeo.

Still working on a rather large edit that I'm entitling 'The Last of It' with a bunch of never before seen footage that would have gone in the last video I should have made. I'm moving again on the 12th, hopefully this time its a more permanent spot, so until then, the updates might be a little scarce.

However, on October 6th, I organized another Mega session here in Greenville, meeting spot details are to come, but be sure to come kick it on the 6th.

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