Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blade Book Vol. 2 Update

So I'm sure you've all noticed that the Blade Book Vol. 2 has yet to drop, as I'm sure you've been following its movements ever so closely.

Well, its taken a little bit longer to get the final assets together than anticipated. I still have a couple people submitting write ups and I have to finish the promotional edit and other material that I want to have released when the book becomes available.

After which, I'm planning on importing the last of my 'HD tapes' and putting out a lot of edits, starting with Thomas Martin, Nick Bates and Garrett Slobey...but that is all dependent on when the final pieces of the Blade Book Vol. 2 actually come together, which I'm really hoping will be the begginning of July.

Updates will definitely be lacking until the book is done and is also the reason that there have been few to none (updates) lately.

Stay tuned!

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